Niall Knithouse exists to inspire conscious consumption through modular design.

Niall Knithouse is a collection of modular knitwear, made to order at a female owned and operated factory using sustainable materials.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help reduce textile waste coming from the fashion industry by inspiring shoppers to buy less and wear more. Our modular design promotes conscious consumption as each top can be worn multiple ways throughout the year, rather than discarded. Our on-demand manufacturing model allows us to operate with zero inventory, and only make what we know we will sell. By shopping with Niall Knithouse, customers can reduce their yearly consumption and waste creation significantly.

What we care about most

Waste Reduction

Knitting is naturally one of the most sustainable ways to produce clothing. Our modular design helps reduce the amount of clothing customers purchase and discard each season.

Made to Order

We are committed to reducing waste caused by unsold inventory. Each Niall piece is custom made for you, right when you order it. You press purchase, we get to work making your order. Orders are received within 21-25 says of purchasing.

Sustainable Materials

We prioritize sustainable materials at every stage of design and development. Our pieces are knit with 100% R.C.S. (Recycled Claim Standard) Viscose, responsibly dyed, and finished with natural shell buttons.

By Women, For Women

Niall Knithouse was founded by a female designer, and is produced at a female owned and operated facility. Our functional pieces are designed for the modern woman.

How it Works

Week 1

Place an Order

Your order is sent to our female owned and operated facility for manufacturing

Week 2


Our factory begins working on your order, making it especially for you

Week 3

Quality Control

We inspect each item to ensure it meets our quality standards and is ready for delivery

Week 4


We ship your order directly from our factory to you

Week 5


Enjoy your custom made Niall garment, knowing you helped reduce textile waste

Founder’s Note

I started Niall Knithouse with the goal of inspiring conscious consumption through modular design. Throughout my career in the industry, I have witnessed first hand how the growth of fast fashion is increasing both the consumption and discarding of clothing each year. I wanted to find a way to curb the cycle of over consumption without sacrificing an impactful product offering. Modular knitwear came to me as a way to do both. By shopping with Niall Knithouse, customers can reduce their purchasing each season, as well as their impact, without sacrificing their style. Join us, and both your wallet and the planet will thank you!